Honnen Ice Arena

30 W Cache La Poudre St
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(719) 389-6157

Figure Skating



 Free skate sessions will consist of of those skaters doing free style, solo ice dance, moves in the field, pre- juvenile couples ice dance and hockey skating skills only.

 Juvenile couples ice dance and higher levels will not be allowed on free skate sessions at this time, due to the level of skaters that comprise the free skate sessions.

 Hockey skating skills private lessons may be taught on free skate sessions by approved and qualified instructors.


 Approval from rink management is required prior to scheduling hockey lessons on free skate sessions.

 Pair skating at any level will not be permitted on free skate ice sessions at this time due to the level of skaters that comprise the free skate sessions.

 Skaters testing in the partner dance track will be allowed to practice with a partner prior to their test date on free skate sessions for that purpose only.

 Sessions are on a first come, first served basis; with a limit of 25 skaters per session.


Skaters doing their program will wear sash at all times.

 Programs music will be played in rotation, no lesson or skater may monopolize the music during sessions.

 No program music will be played on Arena system during public session.



Hand held boom box maybe used, but lessons DO NOT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY ON PUBLIC.

Jump harness use is only by coaches and students during free skate sessions, but not during public sessions.


All free skate ice fees must be paid to the Honnen Ice Arena office prior to the skater taking the ice for the session.

 Punch cards for free skate ice time are available at the Honnen Ice Arena office for $90.00.


Each punch card contains 10 punches at a per session fee of $9.00 each

 Skaters who have purchased punch cards and use this for their ice payment will receive the freeskate session at the rate of $9.00 / per session.

 Walk on or no punch card (drop-in rate) will be charged at a rate of $15.00 / per session.

 Punch card will expire within 6 months of the date of purchase

 There is no need to fill out a contract to be eligible to buy a punch card

 Punch cards are the responsibility of the skaters and must be in their possession.



Punch cards will not be stored in the Honnen Arena office beginning 9/1/2014.



If skaters forget their punch card they will pay the $15.00 walk on rate at Honnen Office before skating the session

 Skaters must pay for each one hour session to be skated whether the skater uses 5 minutes or 60 minutes.




Partner ice time (for dance test partners) will be paid at the skaters punch card rate of $9.00 per session or the drop in rate of $15.00 per session

 Colorado College fulltime students are permitted to skate sessions at no charge, but must check in at the Honnen Arena Office prior to taking the ice.


Please note: The Honnen Ice Arena only accepts checks or cash.

All monies will be made out to Colorado College or Honnen Ice Arena


Prior to coaching, all drop-in coaches need to email to the Honnen Arena management their proof of insurance and also be compliant with all coaching requirements for their level of expertise to be eligible to be granted coaching privileges / permission to coach at the Honnen Ice Arena.

 Management reserves the right to refuse coaching privileges at any time, for any reason.

 Coach’s fees will be charged at a rate of


15% of the lesson rate charged to student.



Payment will be expected to be paid at the time of service to the arena



Payment must be made in cash or check.

We appreciate respectful behavior while skating at the Honnen Ice Arena